Pets Plus LLC

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking 


Established January 2001! 


currently not accepting new

clients (Dec 2017)

We provide your pets with quality care in the comfort of their own home.
We care for the smallest housepet to the largest farm animal.
Our sitters are bonded and carry liability insurance for your protection and peace of mind. 
Sitters are certified in pet first-aid and CPR.
Pets Plus LLC is a member of:
NAPPS - National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
SE PA-DE Chapter of House Rabbit Society









Pets Plus LLC can not and does not accept or process charges, for 4+ years credit card hackers have been using a name similar to Pets Plus LLC for fraudulent charges, I have gotten calls and emails from all over the US demanding charges be reversed, there is nothing I can do because it isn't me, your card has been hacked, please notify the authorities 


Important information for all pet owners.... 

 If you ever need to evacuate to a shelter, PLEASE make sure you are prepared to take your pets!  Here is a list of things you should have ready to go:

1. proof of vaccines (otherwise your pet will be  
    quarantined with other unknown/unvaccinated  
2. pets must be leashed or crated (all dogs and cats
    will be crated at the shelter, if you refuse to crate
    your pet then you will need alternate arrangements
    because you pet will not be able to stay at the
3. any medications your pet needs or special food
4. microchip information and proof of ownership (a
    picture of you and your pet is great)
5. for exotic pets (reptiles, birds, pocket pets) make
    sure you have a managable size travel cage/crate
    (sticking a bird in a tupperware container as you
    run out the door is not appropriate, nor is putting 2
    pets together that don't get along)

Pets Plus covers a large part of York County for pet sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, dog sitting, farm animal care including: Emigsville, Mt Wolf, Manchester, York and Dover.

Pets Plus offers pet sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, dog sitting, farm animal care for the following zip codes: 17315, 17318, 17345, 17347, 17401, 17402, 17403, 17404, 17405, 17408.